Voices in JR, Japan!

JR Station Band is the number 1 station band in Japan. They look like angels singing in the station. The station now is not just a passage way but a place where people can gather due to the music band entertaining around.  They have been doing this for several years and now are a competent band in Japan. They even accept interested singers and musicians who would like to join their team. The band is truly surprising making a station a place of entertainment.  Jazz songs are the dominant songs they sing.

They do not only perform songs but also dance performances. How they become busy to perform their best in order to turn a station a place expression and emotion. Their songs are in different genres and really comfort people who are in grief. The songs that are famous are:

When I…- This is the most famous song by the band. This song really relaxes a person.

Ueno Station- This song is really great. The singer is so cool.

Baby it’s you- The accompaniment is very good and still!

Teardrops fall on my hand- The emotion of the song fulfills the title of the song.

Shanghai Paramount- The band is very amazing performing this song and they are so amazing

Dream- Dream of passing through the station and listen to the songs of the jazz band.

The  jazz band extends their happiness to people so they want to help others overcome their grief by simply going to the station and feel the music in the air.