A look at the Japanese Railway

Railway in Japan is truly amazing and admirable. Punctuality is one of their priority. The drivers must monitor the time. Also, the person in charge for departure has the authority to close the door signaling for departure. It is a “time is time” policy.

In Japan railway, customer service on board is never at the bottom when it comes to accommodation and assistance. Staffs are gentle and polite, with lots of eye contacts, understanding and caring the customers. When the train is empty, other personnel are busy going around inside the train to clean and wipe some undesirable dirt so next passengers will feel relax and fresh upon using.

Before taking a ride on the railway, these are some matters that you need to know and do.

First, you need to know where you are going. It is because there are different stations and the amount of your ticket also depends on where you are going. Second, buy a ticket. When availing ticket on the ticket machine, there are guides you need to follow. After having the ticket, go through the ticket gate. You will notice that the door is close so you need to insert the ticket at one end and get it on the other end. Upon arriving in the train platform, you will see train schedule so you need to choose among them. There are legends, colors and other guides to follow. If you fail to follow these things, you will be in trouble.

Trains are well equipped with convenient toilets, outer rooms and baby changing facilities. It is very spacious and full of order. Even passengers are in order, before entering the train and after leaving the train.

In addition, Japan promotes recycling that is why you can see big trash bins within the station and it is labeled with newspapers, plastic bottles and other waste.