A Life Without Music Around

Life is full of music. Words can be a music to the ears. Literally, music is defined as a sound with musical notations. It is normal that people must hear melodious sound for comforts sake, unless people will fall into a depression. According to studies, music is the source of strength when people seem weak, source of happiness, when people feel sad, source of power when people seem humble. It is no too much to say that music is a medicine to humans physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

If a person does not like to listen to music, what does that indicate? Psychology proves that a person has a mental problem. This is why people have to pay attention to music in their life. Without music, life is full of despair, sorrows and sufferings. When people are distressed, they listen to music. It is because without music, who will be in happiness? You might ask, how about the people who lived in the time when there was no musical instruments?

Do you know when formal music began? Far before the time of Adam and Eve! How come? Actually, people started to build their music by imitating the sound of nature. Music did not begin from humans but from nature. Examples are the twitting of the birds and the sound of waters. This is why people can never boast of themselves before music. Now, music has to live in order for humans to live peaceful and harmonious lives even while working in a wash machine.